HRCH Turbo Steam’n Twilight Dragon CDX MH40 WCX *** CCA VCX OD (Sharlie)

Sharlie was the puppy with the most working potential from her litter and could not find the right working home. When Sharlie was 11 weeks old, we took her on a family vacation, hoping a family member or friend would want to make her an addition to their home. While on vacation, Sharlie had earned a place in our family. Sharlie was named after Ron’s sister Sharon and father Charlie. We are truly blessed to have Sharlie as part of our family. Sharlie’s progress was very quick as she had a wonderful mentor in her running mate HayLee.

Fun Fact: Did you know? Sharlie is the name of the Payette Lake, Idaho’s plesiosaurus commonly known as a twilight dragon.

Sharlie received:
Companion Dog 6 months Master Hunter 26 months
Junior Hunter 10 months First Field Trial Qual Jam ** 2.5 years
Companion Dog Excellent 13 months Hunt Retriever Championship 2.5 years
Senior Hunter 15 months CCA 3.5 years
Dock Diving 1st Place 15 months VCX (pending) 3.5 years
Working Certificate 23 months Outstanding Dam 4.9 years
Working Certificate Excellent 23 months All Age Qualifed *** 5.5 years

After losing her mentor HayLee, Sharlie went to Canada at 18 months old on our first/only pheasant, duck, and goose hunt. She amazed me and my Canadian hunting buddies that had been hunting without a dog. Sharlie was fifty-three (53) pounds, and the big Canadian geese were just too big for the little girl. Sharlie was handled to many blind falls and had several underwater recoveries of wounded diving ducks. Canada was cold but Sharlie is a soft, warm, calm and loving bed companion. Sharlie has become so diverse in her capabilities besides retrieving ducks, logging a 22’ dock dive, dives 6’ to the bottom of the pool to retrieve, and will retrieve a beer from the frig on command. Sharlie goes everywhere with Ron and now the mentor to her sidekick Molly and daughters JoJo and Cali (Sharlie/Boomer) and Lilly (Sharlie/Flash). Sharlie is calm, loving, affectionate, and yet a biddable hard core working dog ready to compete, taking us to new levels! She has not yet met a challenge she could not achieve.

Sharlie has had two litters now, one with FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Can OTCH TNT's Explosion Am UD FDHF OS; Can FDHF OBHF, Boomer, and a litter with FC Topbrass No Time To Paws SH, CCA, FDHF, Flash. Sharlie’s first litter has yielded her an Outstanding Dam accreditation with the pups only 22 months old, with one MH **, four SH, and two with JH titles. This Boomer litter has now yielded 5 master hunters with two more boys working towards their senior hunter titles. Sharlie is the pride of Turbo Retrievers with future goals to obtain our first UD and try for field trial all age points. Now with three invitations (2013, 2014, & 2015), one day maybe she will compete at the MNH trial.

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