HRCH Topbrass Turbo Don't Ask Why CD MH ** WCX CCA VCX (Molly)

Molly Marie is the most intense working dog at Turbo Retrievers and is just a little crazed. Molly is totally focused on her owner/handler (Ron) as she stands by waiting for any opportunity to participate in any effort required. She usually is at Ron's side or laying at his feet. Molly is a Hunt Retriever Champion and Master Hunter. She was named the 2011 Puppy of the Year by the Central Florida Hunt Retriever Club. When running field trials, a sit command will not result in a butt on the ground, rather her butt comes up and her front goes down into a racer’s stance ready for a sprint. At the line, Ron can only hope she will not break, as her uncle’s mother told Ron that her dog and Molly’s daddy were know as the Breaking Brothers, back in the day (90’s). Molly certainly fits the mold.

Molly had two pups from a breeding with TNT’s Stanley Steamer and daughters Julep and Katie are both in working homes and being trained for hunt tests with great prospects.

Molly will be working on her CDX this summer during the field work off season in Florida. Molly is from a Topbrass litter and entered our lives at a time when we had lost a cherished family member and needed a new puppy in the house. Molly and Ron bonded immediately and while the other dogs belong to him, he believes that Molly thinks he belongs to her! Molly is fast, however not the fastest Turbo Dog; despite that... with her agility, the faster dogs can’t catch her as she jukes them back and forth faking them out of their coats as they run past, just like a football running back does to the defense.

Fun Fact: Did you know? We knew we wanted to name her, Molly, however we couldn’t come up with a registered name that we liked. Then a friend told us about a song he had heard titled, Molly, from a band called Sponge. We listened to the song and the chorus repeatedly said, Don’t Ask Why. Which was catchy enough for us to give Molly the registered name of Topbrass Turbo Don’t Ask Why... Evidently all her 16 candles went down the drain, Don’t Ask Why! Don’t Ask Why!

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