Bouncer Rajah of Sands CD (Bouncer)

2/4/1992 - 11/12/2002

Bouncer was our first home bred golden. Bouncer was the king of the ball retrieving. He was relentless with his pursuit of someone to throw the ball.

Bouncer was the product of our first golden boy Buddy and our first golden girl Cozy. This was an unplanned breeding between the two, but it produced one fantastic family dog. Bouncer lost his mom around the age of one, but he and Buddy were friends for the last six years of Buddy’s life. Buddy was getting old and not as active as he was the family dog when the kids were young. Bouncer was the family dog when the kids were teenagers and beyond.

Bouncer was never formally trained other than the basics that I insisted upon to make him controllable and a pleasure to take to other people’s homes. Bouncer was such a kind dog and never showed any aggression. While at friend’s property who owned a german shepherd, another buddy arrived with his schnauzer. While we were standing there, the shepherd grabbed the schnauzer and started whirling him around in his mouth. We all took off after the shepherd hollering as we ran. Bouncer came running past us and took control of the situation stopping the shepherd’s attack and freeing the schnauzer. He immediately ran back to me seeking approval fearing he had been bad, but he was the hero.

Bouncer would go to the hunt camp with me where he showed his escape artistry and his desire to be with me. I initially left Bouncer in our hunt camp trailer while I went out to the tree stand. I would come back and find him at the end of the camp dirt road waiting for me to return. He broke out the window and forced his way out to try and find me. I kept increasing the confinement and degree of difficulty, and he always seemed to be able to overcome. I finally left him in the van with the windows slightly opened, I mean 6” and never expecting him to get out. However, upon my return, I found him on the dirt road looking for me and upon return to the camp, there was hair all along the window and down the side of the van, as he was starting to be a Houdini. I had to stop taking him as I was afraid of him hurting himself and losing him in the woods.

Bouncer did everything he was told and truly was never a bad dog. He never tore up anything that was not his to tear up. The back yard was turned into a basketball court and Ray had kids over all the time to play. Bouncer would stand at the side of the court with a ball in his mouth and would usually find someone to throw it quite often. At this point we still had never been exposed to field or formal obedience work. We lost buddy and began thinking about another dog. I had done my research on our pedigree and we were looking for the best female field bred golden we could find. We turned to Topbrass. Bouncer and I went to Illinois to interview with Jackie Mertens who was impressed with our pedigree. Jackie agreed to sell us a Topbrass puppy to mesh with our pedigree. After a long wait, Jackie proposed a puppy she had and we got Buffy.

I had plans to breed Bouncer with Buffy, but with the impressive pedigree that Buffy had, Bouncer had no credentials. I decided to go to the Dog Training Club of Tampa to find out what the obedience training and competition was all about. Bouncer was now seven. We went to our first training class with my obedience coach Jane, who we wound up training with for the next ten years. We entered the drop in Novice training class and afterwards, Jane says that Bouncer could get a CD title now, but they needed to train me. That truly was the case and six weeks later, Bouncer had a CD title. Not much, but it was something as our training methods I had been doing for years proved to be meaningful.

Bouncer was bred to Buffy after Buffy had gotten two obedience titles and her junior hunter title. All of which were fairly easy, but certainly, I was the limiting factor. That litter provided 8 wonderful pups and we gave them to our friends so as to surround ourselves with these dogs and not lose touch. From this litter we kept a girl, Josie, and a boy Diesel.

We had a pond on the side of the yard that was part of the drainage system for the subdivision. I fenced it in and Bouncer had it to play and swim all his life. About 9 months after that litter, Bouncer began having internal problems that were not understood. The vet finally said that he was doing so poorly and thought that he had internal bleeding. The vet guided us to the emergency vet specialists, but it was too late. He did not make the journey well and died in my arms outside the emergency vet.

We had an autopsy conducted and found that he had succumb to intestinal pythiosis, a fungus which is common in the waters of southern states, especially Florida. This was our hardest loss ever, however, Bouncer had a great life and his last gesture to me was to try and take the ball.

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Bouncer Rajah of Sands CD (Bouncer)